Business Development

Our approach to business development is centered on empowering your team with a new appreciation for building relationships, attracting customers and extending into new markets. We do more than open doors and set up meetings because we believe in establishing longevity. We see success directly correlated with ongoing, consistent communication and an overall investment in what it takes to build the relationship.

The relationships we can help you establish, coupled with our insights into successfully executing a call plan and thought leadership platform, results in your team's ability to build a solid network, create a winning strategy and realize tangible results.

We’ll help define a targeting strategy that considers your goals for growth, revenue, customer base, product roadmap or M&A goals. We’ll support your sales and BD teams through identification, preparation and follow through, and guide you toward opportunities that will result in the most appropriate growth for you, today.  

Black Branch business development services support include:

o    Account Planning
o    Pipeline Development
o    Strategic Capture
o    Proposal Support
o    Industry Networking

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