Federal Services

As Federal budgets continue to shrink, Presidential initiatives focus on shared IT services and infrastructure consolidation. Front and center to CIOs’ priorities is making sure this significant change works within their stakeholder environment. Illustrating the value to program directors who are used to having their own budget authority requires a specific, quantifiable value proposition. We understand how to develop communications to capture the attention needed to gather consensus and ease the pain of change.

Federal government comes with its own unique set of challenges, hinging on regulations, transparency and commitments to serving public communities. Black Branch brings an in-depth understanding to these nuances, having worked with several large U.S. federal agencies. Our capabilities in corporate strategy, business development and targeted marketing are tailored to help government task leaders achieve their business and communication goals. The Federal services we offer include: 

o    Stakeholder Engagement
o    Change Management
o    Business Process Management
o    Editorial/Content Development
o    Integrated Marketing Communications

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